Another Codestock has passed. I have had a little time to ponder on the information that I was privy to. Two main concepts/tools that I left the conference with are ScriptCS and Roslyn. Personally I have been using linqpad to create and run small scripts and test code snippets. I think ScriptCS is going to step in and be another great tool in my tool belt.

The sessions that I went to that talked about ScriptCS were:
Connecting C# to Arduino and the world outside your computer by Eric Potter
C# Inception: Using Roslyn and C# Code to Analyze C# Code by Eric Potter
Check out Eric's blog to get more information.

As always Rob Gillian brought the information to make you question security. His session named "Hiding in Plain Sight" was eye opening. He described techniques that the bad guys might use to do bad things and how easy they can be accomplished.

The slides are located here. Rob always brings the talks that make you realize that you are likely not as secure as you think.

I also enjoyed ViNull's presentations on Unity. It looks like Unity has added some cool new stuff since I last looked. Going to have to find some time to play around with it again.

You can find more information about ViNull here.

Overall had a great time at Codestock 2014. Many thanks go out to the guys and gals that make this conference possible.