Jessica Ivins at CHADNUG
Excellent presentation from @jessicaivins tonight at CHADNUG. The content was "Useful, Usable & Desirable: Designing for People". I found the content to be very thought provoking and entertaining, I mean she included "Office Space" references(awesome!). If you would like to see the presentation you can find it at her site.... [Read More]

Six Types of Bills Homeschoolers Should Watch in 2015
If you are a homeschooling family you will be interested in this article from Andrew Mullins on HSLDA. You can check out the article here.

Geek Typer
Type like you are a wicked cool hacker! This is a pretty cool entertainment site. Just load up the site, select your theme and start typing. Found on Tech News 2Night.

Fuel and Fill Up Tracker
Found a neat site today. It is This site helps to track miles per gallon(mpg) and cost for running your automobile. You can log information to the site via the website, mobile site, or SMS(if located in US,UK, or Canada). Just started using today but it looks really cool.... [Read More]

6 Great Worms Games for only $2.99
Bundle Stars Worms Bundle for 2.99