Codestock 2015 - Cast Your Vote!
It's time to decide the session lineup for #CodeStock2015: Cast Your Vote!

devLink 2014 Retrospective
Well another devlink has come and gone. Trying to get that much information into your head in such a short time frame is difficult to say the least. Here are some of the highlights that I have come away with this year. clip.exe - I can not believe that I... [Read More]

Scraping the web with Node.js
So what do we mean by scraping the web? Scraping consists of viewing a web page and pulling selected information from it. I am fairly new to Node and have a slight fascination with web scraping so I set out to attempt to find information for creating a simple web... [Read More]

Codestock 2014 Retrospective
Another Codestock has passed. I have had a little time to ponder on the information that I was privy to. Two main concepts/tools that I left the conference with are ScriptCS and Roslyn. Personally I have been using linqpad to create and run small scripts and test code snippets. I... [Read More]

Harold's Holiday Matching Game for iPhone and Windows Phone
Now approved on iPhone and Windows Phone, Harold's Holiday Matching Game. If you would like to improve your memory or just entertain the kids, check it out!. Harold's Holiday Matching Game - More Information Working on the Android version! Hope to be out soon.